Our company is a dealer of Lukoil, LAAZ and Triangle, as well as distributor companies Luxe and Oil Right

OralSbytOil  LTD   is the official dealer of oils of trade mark «LUKOIL» in Republic of Kazakhstan since 1997.  «LUKOIL» oils are made and delivered by company «LLK-International», the leader of the Russian market of lubricants and 100 % branch of Open Society  

OralSbytOil  LTD   - one of more than 90 dealers of oils «LUKOIL». Regular meetings and dealer conferences, constant information interchange with colleagues allows to develop retails effectively.

The primary goal of OralSbytOil  LTD   - construction of effective, steady system of sales of the oils, focused on satisfaction of needs of the retail consumer and industries.

Distinctive feature of the modern approach to business in OralSbytOil  LTD   is introduction of a control system by client attitudes. Giving to consumers the wide spectrum of the services accompanying delivery of oils, OralSbytOil  LTD   departs from traditional marketing model and offers buyers more flexible scheme of the mutual relations built in view of their wishes.


Production is delivered in convenient and elegant canisters of various volume with the exact instruction up to the nearest tenth share. Also special symbols for convenience of a choice of production depending on a climatic zone and a degree of deterioration of the engine are used.

At national competition of the branded goods of oil «LUKOIL»  have received a rank " National mark " in a nomination " Engine oil".

Production of mark «LUKOIL» passes constant checks on conformity to the modern world standards. The basic requirements are increase energy-saving up properties, fuel profitability strengthening of elasticity of a blanket and as result - prolongation of term of operation of the engine in 1,5 times.

The assortment of production is extraordinary various: engine oils, transmission oils, auto-washing oils, special liquids (antifreeze, tocol), brake liquids.