Our company is a dealer of Lukoil, LAAZ and Triangle, as well as distributor companies Luxe and Oil Right

Triangle Group Co., Ltd Company is formed in 1976. The history of manufacture of autotrunks Triangle totals 30 years, during this time Triangle Group Co. Ltd became the largest manufacturer of autotrunks in China and borrows 11 place in world trunk industries.

OralSbytOil  LTD   is the official representative Triangle Group Co. Ltd Company since April, 2007, also represents more than 50 % of production.

Autotrunks Triangle are made on the modern Dutch equipment from natural rubber. At the enterprise quality assurance of end production into which enters x-ray, ultrasonic researches and the balancing test is made.

Autotrunks Triangle perfectly approach for the Kazakhstan conditions of operation, and already well, itself have recommended on roads. Skeletons are suitable for restoration.


Шины Triangle

Autotrunks TRIANGLE are certificated for the Kazakhstan market.

Trunks perfectly have shown themselves in severe constraints of operation on soil roads, in career conditions at the maximal loadings and greater differences of temperatures.

The system of marketing OralSbytOil  LTD   is focused on work with the consumer. The wide choice of autotrunks for agricultural machinery, a special equipment, cargo and cars is given to clients. Also services on balancing and trunk-installation works are offered clients. On all works are given guarantee certificates. The flexible system of work with clients on retail-wholesale operates.