Our company is a dealer of Lukoil, LAAZ and Triangle, as well as distributor companies Luxe and Oil Right

OILRIGHT trade mark - one of the oldest marks belonging Delfin Group and existing in the market already more of 10 years.
OILRIGHT is a reasonable price, excellent quality and the recognized national mark.

OILRIGHT represents in the Kazakhstan market greasing-cooling materials which are packed up in various variants in view of individual needs of consumers of our production.

OralSbytOil  LTD   is the official distributor of  OILRIGHT company.

Now OralSbytOil  LTD   offers the consumer a full palette of production of the world company:

  • Diesel oils
  • Special oils
  • Universal oils
  • Auto preservatives
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Industrial oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Cooling liquids
  • Plastic greasing
  • Washing oils
  • Special liquids
  • Glass-washing liquids
  • Brake liquids
  • Transmission oils



OralSbytOil  LTD  offers services on delivery, individual selection of production flexible system of discounts for production.

Among our constant clients set of the enterprises of various branches: motor transportation, building, metal-and tree processing the industries.

OIL+RIGHT - «CORRECT OIL» is a concept is incorporated in the name of our production (qualitative engine oil under the fair price).