Our company is a dealer of Lukoil, LAAZ and Triangle, as well as distributor companies Luxe and Oil Right

OralSbytOil  LTD   have been based in February, 2005, by formation of the new enterprise on the basis of earlier operating private enterprise of state of emergency PB « Efimchuk V.N.», based in 1997.
Our enterprise more than 10 years successfully works in the market of sales of engine oils, auto-special liquids and spare parts.
The enterprise since 1997 actively advances «LUKOIL»   brand in the market of the Western Kazakhstan. About 2000-th enterprise for 2003 was the Official dealer «LUKOIL» across the Western Kazakhstan (Uralsk, Аktobe, Аtyrau, Акtau).

Since 2003 for 2007 we are dealers of joint-stock company « Petrokommerce Kazakhstan » which in turn is distributor «LLK-International» in Kazakhstan.

Our enterprise is widely known in territory of the Western Kazakhstan, we have the representations in following cities of  Kazakhstan:
     а) Barus Kommerce LTD;
     б) "Gajdar L.V." PB

During too time our clients are 673 enterprises of the Western Kazakhstan.
The basic memory warehouse of the enterprise is in Uralsk.
It is caused by a geographical arrangement of city on a joint of the Europe and Asia, and also exactly removed arrangement from all «LUKOIL» factories, that creates the certain advantages.



The company carries out delivery of the goods to clients of the region railway and motor transport.

On delivery goods motor transport the company uses the personal motor-vehicle pool, and also in case of need involves hired transport.

In a memory warehouse of the enterprise constantly is present assortments minimum of the goods «LUKOIL» at quantity of 700-800 tons that provides more mobile satisfaction of demand in the market of the Western Kazakhstan.

Our Firm appreciates constant clients and maintains with them long-term partner relations, in case of need deferring them of payments for the put goods.